Gitarre, Komposition

Roland HEINZ guitarist, composer

At the age of 17 he tought himself guitar and started playing his first gigs in local jazz bands, in 1981 he moved to Vienna. There he worked with
his own trio and also toured in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. In 1986 he got the chance to play in a quintet with Pony Poindexter in Munic, after
that joining a quartet with Barre Phillips, saxophonist Leszek Zadlo and drummer Billy Elgart, recording his first CD Heavy Mental(1991).

Later on he moved to New York to study with John Abercrombie and Attila Zoller at the Vermont Jazz Center(1995-1998).

He currently performes and records with musicians like Russ Lossing, Bill Elgart, Leszek Zadlo, Dave Taylor, Adam Holzmann, Radu Malfatti,

Scott Lee, Barre Phillips, Gunter Schneider, Jeff Hirshfield, Franz Hackl, Loren Stillman and many others. (festivals include eg.: Klangspuren
Schwaz, Outreach Schwaz, St. Johann,Vöcklabruck, Sibiu in Rumania, St.Gallen in Switzerland ...)

He is also touring with the Heinz/Lossing/Lee/Hirshfield-Quartet in venues and jazz clubs like Wist-Graz,
Porgy & Bess-Vienna, Altes Kino- Landeck, Bierstindl-Innbruck, Treibhaus-Innsbruck,
Cornelia Street Cafe-N.Y,
Knitting Factory-N.Y,
Unterfahrt-Munic ...

Present Tales (2005) Heinz/Stillman/Lee/Hirshfield
Places (2003) Heinz/Lossing/Lee/Hirshfield
Heavy Mental(1991)
Tyromanie(2003) Gunter Schneider
Arte Millennia(2000) SiggiHaider 
Glasmusik(1995) Siggi Haider
Tyromanie(1993) Gunter Schneider
Ende vom Lied (2004) Franui ...

radio performances and recordings
from 1982-2004
(ORF-Austria) in various casts like the Erhart Quartet (1982), Modern Art Trio(1983),
Roland Heinz Trio (1986 - 2004), Bramboeck/Middleton Sextet (1989), with Barre Phillips(1989,1992),Dada Conress (1993 - 96), Poetry and Jazz (1998),
Ten for One (1998), Klangspurenguitars (1999),
Travel 201 (2000), Heinz/Lossing-Duet (2000), Polyrendering with Dave Taylor, Franz Hackl,
Adam Holzman (2002), Russ Lossing (2003), Loren Stillman, Scott Lee, Jeff Hirshfield (2004) and many others.

Compositions :
Foehn/saxophone quartet(1998),
Travel 201/guitar and orchestra(2000),
Ten For One/sologuitar
(published by Helbling/Austria 2000),
electroaccustic and ewrophone
("Sonic Fragmentation")
also radio performances and recordings.......